Put this on the list of things to do if you really love biking, a little bit of adventure, an environment that’s actively trying to kill you, and the satisfaction to know that you followed one of the trails that initially brought settlers to California.

The Mojave trail was an adventure I undertook due to the persuasion of some friends and a little bit less better judgement than I should have had at the time. When Murphy (more on him another time) asks if you’re interested in a 170mi trip across the desert, stipulating that nothing could possibly go wrong, it might be worth considering what could actually go wrong first.

Step one. Pack. Everything.


Then, once you’ve gotten everything packed you could possibly imagine. Drive 8 hours to the edge of California and Nevada, at the Colorado river, next to the corner of nowhere, and start off on an adventure that is better described by pictures than any other method.






In the end. It’s a journey that took 3 days through desolate dried up lake beds that blistered 107 degree temperatures and past cacti that took every chance they could to stab you with their thorny arms. We lost our support vehicles (twice!) and had to crawl through sand dunes against 40mph gusting winds. This trip is not for the unprepared, and I can definitely say that even with all our preparation there was still some room for the unknown to come and surprise us.

When it’s all said and done, and if you ever consider biking the Old Mojave Road, here’s my one word of advice.

Bring a FatBike!